ISO50001 Energy Management System

ISO50001 Energy Management System Implementation (01/21).

Implementation of the energy management system ISO50001 in one of the world's leading producers of citric acid and xanthan gum at the Austrian site of Pernhofen

ISO50001 at F/List

ISO50001 at F/List (01/20).

 the manufacturer of high-end interiors for aircrafts, yachts and luxury residences has implemented with our support an energy management system at its headquarter in lower Austria. 

Energy Management in Mexico (06/19)

Energy Management in Mexico (06/19).

UNIDO project to qualify persons for carrying out energy audits and implementing energy management systems in Mexican industries

Energy Efficiency in Iran (01/20)

Energy Efficiency in Iran (01/20).

We train our partners and industry in the area of energy efficiency and enlarge our local networks to implement energy audits, implement energy managements systems and conduct H2O and CO2 Assessments. 

Energy Efficiency in Vitalpina Hotels

Energy Efficiency in Vitalpina Hotels (01/2018).

Best practice Videos of Energy Efficiency measures in Vitalpina hotels have been developed  to showcase our work in hotels 

Industrial Energy Efficiency Iran (03/17)

Industrial Energy Efficiency Iran (03/17).

Industrial energy efficiency is a relatively new topic in Iran. We work with several industries in all territories in Iran to implement measures for improved energy efficiency and with banks to provide appropriate framework conditions

ISO 500001 in Naberezhnye Chelny (05/16-12/17)

ISO 500001 in Naberezhnye Chelny (05/16-12/17).

In the Russian city Naberezhnye Chelny an energy management system following ISO50001 was implemented. In this very promising approach not only departments under direct control of the city were included, but also housing services, industries 


EU Ecolabel at Vitalpina (01/20).

The Italian based Vitalpina group with 32 hotels in the Italian province of Alto Adige is one of the most successful hotel co-operations in North Italy. High quality services, the focus on regional specialities, a broad wellness

Switchmed (05/15).

is a programme supported by the EC and partly implemented by UNIDO targeted to Mediterranean regions. Projects which outcomes are considered to be innovative and environmental friendly will be mainstreamed and transferred.

EU Ecolabel Camping

EU Ecolabel Camping Moessler (04/15).

Implementation EU Ecolabel campsite criteria in the Carinthian Campsite Moessler. The campsite is located at the lake Millstaettersee.

Austrian Ecolabel 2014

PR for the Austrian Ecolabel (12/13).

Energon is again on board and signed a 3 years-contract for the PR of the Austrian Ecolabel. In co-operation with G&L we will cover the following areas: organisation of events, presentations and analysis of activities and training for managers

Energy Efficiency in Luxury Resorts on the Maldives

Energy Efficiency in Luxury Resorts on the Maldives (07/13).

Resorts and hotels on the Maldives can’t be considered as energy or water efficient. AC units operate with low efficiency and are not positioned correctly; electricity will be generated on the islands

EU Ecolabel

Ecolabel Printed Paper - final presentation in Brussels (11/13).

Tuesday, 19th November 2013 the international project team under the head of Energon presents the activities carried out during the project “Implementing the EU Ecolabel for print paper in 8 EU member states"

Bad Eisenkappel

ISO50001 in Eisenkappel-Vellach.

In 2011 Austria’s most southerly municipality Eisenkappel-Vellach implemented ISO 50001 globally for the first time. In close co-operation with the energy manager Ferdinand Bevc our team guided the implementation process.

Energy Management Siberia

Energy Management Siberia (06/13).

In co-operation with our partner Allplan our team was organising and conducting a weekly training for industrial energy efficiency and ISO50001 in the Siberian city of Tomsk. Staff from public entities, energy managers from industries and stakeholders were trained

The Austrian Ecolabel

Weissenseerhof and Hotel Liebe Sonne (08/13).

The Austrian Ecolabel guarantees high service quality and a high environmental standard. During the last months the Carinthian hotel Weissenseerhof and the Tyrolese hotel Liebe Sonne in Sölden have implemented the criteria

Energy Efficiency Moldova

Extension of the EBRD project to „Verify industrial energy efficiency projects in Moldova“ (11/12).

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development launched several credit lines for industrial energy efficiency in Easter Europe and extended our existing project in Moldova. Goal is 

EU Ecolabel

Energon Ecolabel-Roadshow in Turkey - part 2 (4/12).

A second 5 day workshop about the EU Ecolabel was carried out by Andreas Scherlofsky in May. Participants included stakeholder representatives, consultants, auditors and managers.  

Energy Efficiency in the Moldovan Industry

Energy Efficiency in the Moldovan Industry (01/12 - 04/14).

Contracted by UNIDO and in co-operation with the Austrian Energy Agency we establish benchmarking systems, we train Energy Agency staff and regional energy managers and we produce promotional Videos.

Capacity Building for the Moldovan Energy Agency by UNIDO

Capacity Building for the Moldovan Energy Agency (01/12).

Energy intensity in Moldovan industry is three times higher compared to those in Central Europe. There are several reasons for lacking efficiency. One reason, however, is the lack of a guiding organisation to improve this situation.