EU12 Ecolabel Project

2006-2008 - EU Ecolabel Marketing

Energon’s activities in the area of Ecolabels started in 1999, when we first started to work for the Austrian Ministry of Environment to promote the Austrian Ecolabel in co-operation with our partner G&L. From that time on we continuously worked in this field and have been contracted by the Austrian ministry.

2006-2009, on behalf of the EU Commission, DG Environment, we were responsible to promote the EU Ecolabel for products. In co-operation with 6 European partners we took actions to increase the visibility of the EU Ecolabel and win new applicants in Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Rumania, Slovakia and Spain.  In the same period we were also contracted to promote the EU Ecolabel for accommodation services and camp sites and to implement the criteria in co-operation with our partner G&L.



Strategy and Training Workshops

Promotion Events at P.O.S. and fairs

Information materials and templates
(Presentations, Leaflets, Roll-ups, Give-aways, Marketing Guideline)