Capacity Building for the Moldovan Energy Agency by UNIDO

Capacity Building for the Moldovan Energy Agency (01/12)

Energy intensity in Moldovan industry is three times higher compared to those in Central Europe. There are several reasons for lacking efficiency. One reason, however, is the lack of a guiding organisation to improve this situation.

On this basis UNIDO started to provide technical and financial support and in co-operation with our partner, the Austrian Energy Agency, we support the Moldovan Energy Agency to build up capacity and appropriate structures. During the last 24 month we organised and conducted several trainings and workshops for key staff of the MEEA (Energy Agency Moldova), regional public bodies and energy consultants. MEEA did expand its offer for energy services and has developed a new Internet site. In addition we carried out a benchmark analysis for the Moldovan diaries and supported first initiatives to extend this approach to other sectors so that industry starts to compare and evaluate its energy efficiency.