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Marketing of ecolabelled products on behalf of manufacturers and hotels

Success with ecolabelled products

An important business area is the development and implementation of marketing activities to promote Ecolabel products and services at national and international level. Since 1999 we carry out several activities on behalf of ministries, the European Commission and private entities.

Our advantage in competition is long standing practical experiences in several areas of communication and training, a profound knowledge of the Ecolabel system at EU and national level, of the markets, its stakeholders, consumers and key players.


Our offer for companies and hotels with certified products and services

  • we care for the successful implementation of marketing activities to increase visibility
  • we support to receive subsidies for the implementation of the criteria and supporting actions
  • we bring partners together and initiate co-operations with interest groups, retailer and media
  • we know how the application process works and guide to the certification


Consumer information, training and VET

  • we inform consumers about the benefits of international accepted ecolabels and help you to identify reliable certification schemes
  • we motivate and support media and stakeholders to gain relevant know how on Ecolabels and their relevance



Sophisticated mix of actions

Actions to promote Ecolabelled products and services need to be tailored to the individual markets and their stakeholders. Our actions include a profound analysis of the existing situation and a well planned mix of actions including media work, development, production and distribution of information materials, events at point of sales, seminars, training materials, guidelines for our customers, PR & Marketing training and verification of results.

We challenge limited resources of both staff time and budget and achieve a widest possible visibility of Ecolabelled products and services.

To certify products and services with the European Ecolabel is only the first step, it is also of importance to professionally communicate and market these products and services. As budgets are limited, it is even more important to co-operate with existing initiatives, Competent Bodies and to build on successful strategies which worked already in the past.

 (W. Andreas Scherlofsky)