Ecolabel, Umweltzeichen, Eco-label, EU Ecolabel

EU and Austrian Ecolabel in accommodations and camp sites.

Our team works more than 20 years with the EU and Austrian Ecolabel for accommodation services and camp sites and we implemented the criteria in around 100 hotels and camp sites all over Europe.

EU12 Ecolabel Project

2006-2008 - EU Ecolabel Marketing.

Promoting the EU Ecolabel for products and accommodation services and win new applicants all over Europe. Supporting licence holders, organising events and exhibitions

EU12 Ecolabel Project

EU12 Ecolabel Workshops in accession countries.

Competent Body training in Vienna and follow up workshops in 12 accession countries on the EU Ecolabel, on behalf of the European Commission, DG Environment

EU Ecolabel

2012 - Ecolabel Workshops in Turkey.

Capacity Building for Turkish stakeholders and the area of the EU Ecolabel and the EU Energy Label

EU Ecolabel printed paper

Implementing the EU Ecolabel for printed paper products.

Supporting Competent Bodies in 8 EU Member states to increase the level of recognition for the new EU Ecolabel for printed paper products by developing guidelines and supporting materials and organising events and workshops