EU Ecolabel

Energon Ecolabel-Roadshow in Turkey - part 2 (4/12)

A second 5 day workshop about the EU Ecolabel was carried out by Andreas Scherlofsky in May. Participants included stakeholder representatives, consultants, auditors and managers.

The program was extreme dense: Arrival in Istanbul, bus to Denizli and Izmir where workshops for the textile industry were carried out, one training for lead auditors and certification bodies in Istanbul, one workshop in Adana for the ceramic and paper industry and finally a meeting with the Competent Body in Ankara.  

This road show was part of a long-term European project to implement European quality standards in Turkey. Overall project management was carried out by the British Standards Institute, while Energon was responsible for training in the area of energy management, EU Ecolabel and Energy Labelling.