Energy Efficiency in Vitalpina Hotels

Energy Efficiency in Vitalpina Hotels (01/2018)

We have been supporting the implementation of the EU Ecolabel for tourist accommodation services in 35 Vitalpina hotels in the Italian province of Alto Adige (South Tyrol). Our work includeed measures to improve energy performance and to highlight best practice. The results include "best practice of energy efficiency" in hotels of the Vitalpina group in South Tyrol.  


Laundry dryer with biomass                          Cogeneration with biofuels


Energy Efficient Lighting                                  Biomass for Spa and Sauna



Successfull measures of hotel owners to improve energy performance include: 

  • Cooling with groundwater Cyprianerhof
  • Energy-Monitoring Golserhof
  • E-Bycicles for guests Golserhof
  • Environmental measures at Lüsnerhof
  • Cogeneration with natural gas Golserhof