Energy efficiency in luxury resorts and hotels on the Maldives (11/2012 - 08/2013)

Detailed energy audits were carried out in 9 Luxury Resorts and Hotels on several Maldivian islands and on the capital island Malé.   

In our methodology we follow experiences performed in the tourism industry. In a first step we audit available documents, data and invoices, in a second step we audit the energy system on site and conduct on spot measurements of significant energy consumers. On the Maldives focus was on the efficiency of electricity generation which is in place on all the islands, fresh water production and usage, energy efficiency of equipment in guest and staff areas, laundry, pool and spa areas, kitchen equipment and usage, chilling and cooling, ventilation systems and proper functionality of thermal solar collectors. It is important to monitor consumption figures and to establish a baseline to verify further improvements.

We identified saving potentials in a range of 25% to 50%, with pay back periods below 3 years. These savings were verified and confirmed by the management. Our conclusion was that in all resorts and hotels energy and water will be wasted. We identified up to 25 saving opportunities per hotel, whereby some actions did not require any financial investments.

After our work on site we developed tailored training for staff in the engineering, kitchen, housekeeping and management department. It is our aim to recommend improvements, to implement necessary actions and to optimise consumption on the long run..