Energy Efficiency in Luxury Resorts on the Maldives

Energy Efficiency in Luxury Resorts on the Maldives (07/13)

Resorts and hotels on the Maldives can’t be considered as energy or water efficient. AC units operate with low efficiency and are not positioned correctly; electricity will be generated on the islands with diesel generators, often not adapted to real needs. Laundries waste energy by not using pre-heated water or drying linen and sheets with electric or gas dryers although outside the sun shines continuously. Fresh water will be generated by the sea and wasted for gardening as well as for guest rooms. Renewables are not used or solar collectors are installed but are leaking, photovoltaic can be rarely identified. Minimum saving potential in the resorts we have seen was 25% with opportunities to improve efficiency by 50% with pay back periods below 3 years. However, these savings are rarely implemented, mainly because resorts earn too much with their international guests.