We set actions for sustainability

Our services and projects support companies and public entities to improve their resource efficiency, to promote their environmental friendly products and services and to improve their economic situation. We are specialised in Energy efficiency, Ecolabelling, Environmental management and Communication.

These principles of sustainable development have been implemented in our daily professional activities as well as in our private behaviour.


The term "Energon"

Without energy there is no movement, no action or any kind of activity. Without energy there is no organisation, no structure, no development, no reproduction.

Born on 23.1.1919 in Vienna, Hans Hass was zoologist, writer and creator of documentary films about sharks, he conducted several under water expeditions and analysed, for the first time, the life of sharks. He also conducted studies about the inborn behaviour of mankind and developed a theory called Energon. This theory states that for all creatures the acquisition of energy is the central and most important driver.

This energy theory is also true for animals, plants and even for businesses and organisations. They all have a common approach, to improve their overall energy reservoir and their energy balance. Only in case a structure has a positive energy balance it will remain, otherwise it will disappear.

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