Energy Management Siberia

Energy Management Siberia (06/13)

In co-operation with our partner Allplan our team was organising and conducting a weekly training for industrial energy efficiency and ISO50001 in the Siberian city of Tomsk. Staff from public entities, energy managers from industries and stakeholders were trained on the principles of energy management and technical opportunities to improve overall efficiency. Most important is still to raise awareness for a better use of natural resources, simply because the price for gas is far lower compared to Central Europe and there are less economic benefits to take additional actions. Saving opportunities of 40% are no exception in Russia and obvious waste of energy through non insulated buildings and pipes, oversized boilers and energy supply systems and an inappropriate use of energy can be seen daily.

In this context training with the focus on practical opportunities in individual areas including heating, ventilation, compressed air, electric engines, lighting systems and energy management following ISO50001 is a first step to change existing structures and operations.