Comm SD+ Communication for sustainable initiatives and environment

Since 2003 Andreas Scherlofsky covers communication with the focus on PR, marketing, media and press relations in the area of sustainable and environmental initiatives.

Our projects cover a wide range of topics, from the design of magazines to the development of scripts for Ecolabel films, from the development of complex campaigns to marketing activities at fairs..



  • Capacity building for the EU Ecolabel in several EU member states
  • PR and marketing for the Austrian Ecolabel
  • Communication strategies for environmental initiatives
  • PR and marketing for national parks
  • Training and seminars for communication for sustainable initiatives


Our approach

Challenging situations often need a well verified baseline, a mix of clearly described initiatives and tailored actions.

We start with a systematic analysis of the existing situation, stakeholders and the market. To target all involved stakeholders we plan tailored communication activities to achieve maximum impact. On this basis we use the entire set of communication opportunities such as film, Internet, print media, media co-operation, training and seminars, public participation and we verify the achievements.

Our knowledge is based on a long-term experience with several communication projects, and we build on:

  • national and international prjects with several international partners,
  • a good and well planned mix of communication tools
  • dedicated experts to cover project specific challenges

With our know-how we support you to tailor communication so that a continuous improvement in the area of environmental protection and sustainability can be verified.

W. Andreas Scherlofsky