Energy Efficiency in the Moldovan Industry

Energy Efficiency in the Moldovan Industry (01/12 - 04/14)

Energy intensity in the Moldovan industry is 3-4 times higher than those of Central European Countries. There are various reasons for this but it has been our duty to eliminate some of the barriers to improved energy performance. In this UNIDO subsidised initiative we did focus on the following topics:

•Analysis of existing policies, structures and roles and responsibilities of public bodies and harmonisation with European Standards.

•Supporting Moldovan industries in implementing the energy management systems ISO50001 and establishment of benchmarking systems to continuously monitor the energy consumption within predefined branches and compare it with EU data.

•Supporting the implementation of projects to improve energy performance

•Co-ordinate the production of Videos to promote good practice in diaries.

Work was undertaken in close co-operation with the Austrian Energy Agency and on site with the Moldovan Energy Agency